ICE, Inc. Wins "2016 Top Simulation & Training Company" Award

Sierra Vista, Arizona, December 13, 2016 – On September 20, 2016, Intelligence, Communications and Engineering, Inc. (ICE, Inc.) was recognized as an "up and coming company" by Military Training International’s 2016 TOP Simulation and Training Companies directory. This is due in part to MI Future, a surrogate for conceptual and real-world intelligence tools, modeling and simulation visualization, and data systems that are currently deployed at the Intelligence Experimentation and Analysis Element (I-EAD) at Fort Huachuca.

The system has been developed by ICE, Inc. engineers and is currently used with the Army Capabilities Integration Center experimentation community of practice. MI Future also supports the Battle Lab Collaborative Simulation Environment Federation.

About ICE, Inc.

ICE, Inc. is an industry pacesetter, providing training and exercise support, intelligence analysis, program and portfolio management, modeling and simulations, operational testing and evaluation, and cyberspace doctrine and capability development. Headquartered in Sierra Vista, Arizona, ICE, Inc. provides services to government, commercial, and non-profit organizations in the US and several international locations.